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Advantages Of Hiring A Criminal Attorney To Represent You If You Have Been Accused Of A Drug-Related Crime

If you have recently been charged with a drug offense, you may be uncertain whether or not you really need a strong legal defense. Sometimes, a person who is charged with the possession of a popular drug, such as marijuana, may feel that the courts will only view the incident as minor. However, drug charges of all types can result in hefty fines and lengthy jail sentences.

Criminal charges that involve drugs may include the production, possession, trafficking or distribution of the illegal substances. A criminal lawyer is needed to help ensure that a person who has been charged with a drug offense receives the lowest sentence possible. Here are a few advantages of hiring a criminal attorney to represent you if you have been accused of a drug-related crime:

Criminal defense attorneys can use the method of evidence collection in your defense.

In some instances, law enforcement personnel introduce evidence to support a drug charge, but the evidence has not been obtained using proper procedures. A quality criminal defense attorney can help show the court that an illegal search process was used to obtain the evidence against you. In some instances, witness statements may be discredited when witnesses against you have chosen to have their anonymity protected.

A criminal defense attorney may be able to help you get an alternative sentence.

Sometimes, criminal defense attorneys are able to work with a district attorney to arrange for you to receive rehabilitative services instead of jail time. You may have to agree to remain in a drug rehabilitation center for a prescribed period in order to be eligible for the sentence reduction. However, without a criminal defense lawyer, you may not be able to negotiate such a sentence on your own behalf.

A criminal defense attorney is able to find similar drug-related cases to help ensure that your case has the best outcome.

Once you have hired your criminal defense attorney, the lawyer can begin researching similar cases that have occurred in the past.  By reviewing other cases, an effective strategy can be designed to help ensure that your case does not result in an unusually hefty sentence.  In addition, the other cases can be used to help inform you of your options along with the risk involved with your case.

If you have been charged with a drug offense, schedule a consultation with a criminal defense attorney in your area. They can use their experience to help ensure that the allegations presented in your case are properly challenged so that you can receive the best possible outcome. Contact an attorney like Thomas A Corletta for more information.