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Long Term Effects An Uncontested DUI Could Have On Your Career

If you have recently been charged with a DUI, this can immediately throw your life into a tailspin. DUI might also have long term effects on your lifestyle, one of which might be your career. It is important that you take DUI offenses seriously and partner with a DUI attorney to fight or plead down your charges. Here are four things that an uncontested DUI might cost you when it comes to your career and future goals.

1. Educational Pursuits for Future Career Goals

If you end up being convicted of a DUI offense, don't forget that you may need to disclose this information in future college applications. The good news is, checking that box regarding criminal convictions isn't always going to automatically void your application. Many times there is an opportunity to elaborate on your convictions so you can explain your past. A better option is to work to clear your record of DUI charges with an experienced attorney.

2. Careers Requiring Professional Licensing

Ethical screening is something that is done in many professions. Those applying for licensure in fields such as medicine and law many times are required to disclose any criminal activity from their past. If you do end up with a DUI on your record, it is important to be up front about this and never lie on your licensing documents. This might keep you from working in your chosen field depending on how stringent the screening might be.

3.  Fields that Aren't Flexible With Time Off

Even if you do contest your DUI and are able to avoid jail time, you still might need to request time off for attending DUI-related diversion programs. These programs might entail completing drug and alcohol education or community service. Even after your case is settled you may be involved in longer term programs that will need to be scheduled. If these conflict with your work requirements, you might run into trouble in your career while trying to balance your time.

4. Jobs With Driving Requirements

If your field of employment requires a driver's license or a company car, a DUI in your past might prohibit your chances for a career in certain fields. If you have a suspended license, this will immediately limit your employment options involving driving. It is also important to remember raised insurance rates can stick around for a number of years. This will be a consideration by employers who may pick up this tab.

Anything that you can do to lessen your offense, fight your DUI, or expunge this in the future can help with your future goals. Work with an DUI attorney, like Eric J. Engan Attorney At Law, to help better your legal situation and hopefully keep your career intact.