Managing Your Court Case

Clowning Yourself Into Court

With Halloween approaching, more and more people are searching for costumes to wear to work and social parties. If you are thinking about dressing as a clown in order to scare your co-workers and friends, you may want to reconsider your costume choice.

Recent panic regarding individuals wearing clown costumes has made these characters a hot topic in the public eye. Opting to dress as a clown could land you in court, and here are three crimes that lurking in a clown costume could put on your permanent record.

1. Disturbing the Peace

Laws are in place to provide a governing infrastructure that prevents mass chaos. This means that laws are designed to help keep the peace in public areas. Any individual who disrupts the normal course of events in a given area could be charged with disturbing the peace.

With so many people fearing the actions of those in clown costumes, opting to wear this costume in public could result in a charge of disturbing the peace.

2. Intimidation

In many jurisdictions, causing someone to feel uncomfortable in your presence could be grounds for criminal charges. Intimidation occurs when an individual fears they will sustain injury or harm.

Since many of the individuals wearing clown suits across the nation have engaged in practices that could be considered intimidation, a reasonable person may have cause to suspect that you will injure or harm them in some way if you wear your clown suit in public.

3. Disorderly Conduct

When the health and safety of a community are placed in jeopardy, the offending party could be charged with disorderly conduct. As news of individuals with nefarious intentions wearing clown suits and lurking in alleys, woods, and parks continues to spread, the public will continue to become more vigilant where clowns are concerned.

Wearing a clown costume in public could be viewed as a threat against your community, and you may be charged with disorderly conduct as a result of donning your Halloween costume.

It's important to understand that now, more than ever before, the public is sensitive toward certain costumes. While you might think that dressing as a clown will garner a few laughs from your friends and co-workers, a clown costume could land you in court. The services of a qualified criminal defense attorney will be required to have any criminal charges resolved, but the clown costume could result in a permanent criminal record that you will carry the rest of your life.