Managing Your Court Case

Did You Photograph And Video An Intimate Encounter With A Minor You Thought Was Of Legal Age? Get A Lawyer Fast

If you were in an intimate relationship with someone that lied to you about their age, and you took pictures and videos of your sexual encounters, you need an attorney. Unfortunately it can be difficult to tell how old someone is, and if you were sexually intimate with someone who wasn't 18 years old, and they looked much older and lied to you, you will need legal protection. Here are some of the reasons you need protection.

If the parents of the minor are now trying to sue you for sexual molestation charges, or for child pornography because you have video and photographic evidence of your encounters, you could be facing a lot of charges. Talk with a lawyer about the following things.

What Charges are You Facing?

You have to discuss with the lawyer what type of charges you may be facing. You could be facing things like child pornography, molestation, misconduct, and other accusations because you were sexually intimate with a minor.

You need to talk with the lawyer about everything that you did with the minor, and you can't hold anything back. This way your lawyer can prepare your case properly.

Is There Evidence Against You?

It may be hard to determine what evidence they have against you. If the teen is trying to say they were taken advantage of, then they may have already said you photographed them or videotaped them.

You need to tell the lawyer all of the evidence that they could have against you, and what proof is out there. Anything from text messages to emails could be used in court.

Do You Want to Admit Guilt?

If you feel like you should admit quilt because you didn't do enough research enough about the person that you were dating, you may decide you want to admit guilt. If this is the case, then talk with the lawyer about a plea deal. They will figure out what you should admit to, and how to work a deal that is the best for your case.

If you have been in what you thought was a consensual relationship with someone who is actually a minor, and you have taken photos of them, made videos, and other illegal actions have taken place, you need to hire a lawyer fast. Talk with a lawyer like Robert J. Campos & Associates, P.L.C.  about what can be done, how you can plead your case, and how you want to be represented.