The Exact Language Of The DUI/DWI Statute In Your State Can Make A Difference In How You Can Be Charged

It's probably not surprising that people make some questionable decisions when they're intoxicated. What does surprise a lot of people is that they can get arrested for driving something other than their car or truck while intoxicated. A recent situation in Wyoming shows why it pays to know the exact language of the DUI/DWI laws in your state—because what you don't know can land you behind bars. The term "vehicle" is often purposefully vague.

Clowning Yourself Into Court

With Halloween approaching, more and more people are searching for costumes to wear to work and social parties. If you are thinking about dressing as a clown in order to scare your co-workers and friends, you may want to reconsider your costume choice. Recent panic regarding individuals wearing clown costumes has made these characters a hot topic in the public eye. Opting to dress as a clown could land you in court, and here are three crimes that lurking in a clown costume could put on your permanent record.

DUI? Focus On Mitigating Factors Before You Go To Court

Each day, more than 3200 people are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). If you have recently been charged with a DUI, or driving under the influence, talk to an attorney, focus on your future, and work your way past this unfortunate event. If you are willing to put some time and effort in, there are some mitigating factors that can contribute to a more favorable outcome for you.

Faqs About Receiving Disability With A Felony Conviction

There is no guarantee that you will continue to receive Social Security disability benefits. If you become ineligible, the Social Security Administration (SSA) can deny you benefits. One situation in which your benefits could be impacted is if you become a convicted felon. If you are facing felony criminal charges or have a felony conviction and receive disability, here is what you need to know.  Does a Felony Conviction Automatically Disqualify You?

Online Witness Intimidation Can Compound Legal Woes

If your best friend, spouse, or another close relative is in trouble with the law, it's probably only natural to feel a little angry at anyone you think may have contributed to his or her arrest. However, it's best to keep that anger in check, or you might also end up sitting in a jail cell. Prosecutors are highly sensitive to the issue of witness intimidation—and it doesn't take much to cross the line between venting your frustration and committing a crime, especially online.

Three Things You Need To Know About Social Media And Criminal Acts

There's a growing trend in the U.S. for people to post everything they do online. Cell phones with cameras are so common that most people don't even hesitate to pull one out to grab a quick shot for a Facebook post. You may even routinely do it yourself, documenting everything from your morning coffee to your trip to the club on Friday night. However, the wrong post could end up costing you in court.

Long Term Effects An Uncontested DUI Could Have On Your Career

If you have recently been charged with a DUI, this can immediately throw your life into a tailspin. DUI might also have long term effects on your lifestyle, one of which might be your career. It is important that you take DUI offenses seriously and partner with a DUI attorney to fight or plead down your charges. Here are four things that an uncontested DUI might cost you when it comes to your career and future goals.

Answering Two Questions Concerning Facing Drunk Driving Charges

Being charged with a crime can be a stressful problem for a person to go through, and driving under the influence can be a fairly common criminal charge for people to face. Unfortunately, individuals that are charged with this crime may be unsure of what they should expect or how they should proceed. If you have found yourself in this situation, you might need to have a couple of basic questions answered about these criminal charges.

It Could Always Be Worse: Factors That May Increase Penalties For Driving Under The Influence

If you find yourself facing DUI charges, it can be a frightening situation. Talk with an attorney to reduce some of your stress and to get a fairly accurate picture of what to expect when you appear in court. There are some factors that can make the charges and subsequent penalties more severe, and you will want to be aware of them. Be up-front with an attorney -- like Boehmer Law -- to ensure you get a realistic idea of the mandatory minimum penalties in your state so you can best prepare your defense.

How Selling Homemade Cosmetics Can Get You Into Trouble With The Law

The U.S. cosmetics industry is expected to generate revenue of $62.46 billion for the year 2016. If you have a knack for making people look beautiful, you may decide to get a share of this lucrative industry by making and distributing cosmetic products from home. It can be profitable, but it can also get you into trouble with the law, especially if you do any of these things: Use Injurious Substances