Top Reasons You Need A Criminal Law Attorney If You Have Been Charged With A Crime

Being arrested and charged with a crime can be very scary and stressful. Being bailed out of jail is not the end of your problems -- you will need to go to court and face possible penalties if you are found guilty of the crime with which you were charged. As soon as you are released from jail, the best thing that you can do is hire an experienced criminal law attorney. [Read More]

What To Expect When Facing A Drug Possession Charge

Whether you've been charged with drug possession or just questioned in relation to a case, it may be a good idea to get counsel as soon as possible. A criminal drug possession lawyer can go over the details of your situation and explain what the available options are for responding to the allegations. You'll benefit from understanding the following three aspects of the process: What You Can Ask of the Court [Read More]

The Exact Language Of The DUI/DWI Statute In Your State Can Make A Difference In How You Can Be Charged

It's probably not surprising that people make some questionable decisions when they're intoxicated. What does surprise a lot of people is that they can get arrested for driving something other than their car or truck while intoxicated. A recent situation in Wyoming shows why it pays to know the exact language of the DUI/DWI laws in your state—because what you don't know can land you behind bars. The term "vehicle" is often purposefully vague. [Read More]

Clowning Yourself Into Court

With Halloween approaching, more and more people are searching for costumes to wear to work and social parties. If you are thinking about dressing as a clown in order to scare your co-workers and friends, you may want to reconsider your costume choice. Recent panic regarding individuals wearing clown costumes has made these characters a hot topic in the public eye. Opting to dress as a clown could land you in court, and here are three crimes that lurking in a clown costume could put on your permanent record. [Read More]